Remi Vibesman’s non-stop DJ session in aid of Samaritans

Written by on May 18, 2016

Remi Vibesman DJed for 24 hours straight in support of Samaritans and the non-stop support the charity provides. 

Remi Vibesman mixed records from 10am on Friday (August 9) to 10am the following Saturday morning, at The Owl & Pussycat in Robertson Street. 

He did so to raise money for Samaritans and the round-the-clock help it gives to those who are struggling to cope. 

The 54-year-old said: “Friends on Facebook kept me going. I tried to stop myself thinking about the inevitable exhaustion that would creep in. I kept posting comments like ‘Are we there yet?’ after only a couple of hours to humour myself as a way to keep from taking the whole thing too seriously and stressing out.

“I was worried I wouldn’t raise much for the Samaritans so I set a target that wouldn’t feel too disappointing if I didn’t make £100. At the point where I was told we had raised just over £100 I cried! I said to myself ‘What have you done? Now you actually have to do this!’.”

So far, Remi has managed to raise more than £670 – more than six times his initial target

Speaking of the experience, he said: “Twelve hours in I suddenly realised I hadn’t sat down once and the plan was supposed to be to sit down between each record. I saw a staff member bringing a stool towards me and refused it. I didn’t even want it behind the turntables and when they left I moved it.

“There are two songs that gave me strength. The first was played just before midnight. It’s a track by Incognito called ‘I can see the future’. It was a kind of half way mark, even though technically half way was 10pm. Playing it just before Saturday had arrived gave me strength. Then there was another track by A Tribe Called Quest called ‘Saturday’. It was like I was telling myself, ‘It’s Saturday, come on you can do this’.

“The last four to six hours were surreal. I had turned the music down low so I didn’t disturb neighbours. I was a walking zombie! With two turntables being used for mixing I nearly took off the record that was playing. 

“On the third loo break I came close to missing the end of a record with only about 30 seconds left to mix into the next track! 

“The highlight of my whole experience? Well I sent individual messages thanking each person that donated, as well as in my Facebook status update. I came across someone who I didn’t recognise. Their response was the following: “You’re welcome, it was a great thing you did. I was only able to donate because the Samaritans are there, they must save countless people, it was big-hearted of you to do the long gig!! Take care. x”

“I would do it again just for that person alone.”

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